Ventilation Systems for Schools and Hospitals

Over the last two years, the news extensively covered what appropriate ventilation systems should be used in schools and hospitals in order to help further halt the spread and insulation of Covid-19 in the air. More importantly, it brought up the question of schools receiving ventilation systems on the same level as hospitals, due to having an environment with high potential of infection spread.

Regardless of what ventilation system you do use, it’s incredibly important for tasks such as hospital vent cleaning and general school ventilation to be properly maintained on a regular basis. When choosing your ventilator type, the dominating factor would be the quality of air, but it’s incredibly important to consider potential overheads and repair frequency for its usage. Airways Canopy & Duct Cleaning Services is fully equipped to deal with any of your ventilation maintenance needs, no matter what model you choose.


As a large cohort of younger students cannot be vaccinated against Covid-19, school ventilation is paramount in order to minimise infection and protect the health of students and teachers. We prioritise cleaning air ventilation systems, as well as vents, grills and radiators in order to make sure we perform the most meticulous clean possible.
We understand the stress that teachers are under to ensure the safety of their classrooms while also preparing and conducting lessons on a tight schedule. Airways’ cleaning process promises to be discreet and succinct, causing minimal disruption to classes and ensuring children will not have their education disrupted.


The backbone of Ireland’s healthcare is the hardworking staff. Hospital vent cleaning can be disruptive to general workflow, and it’s important that these systems are quickly yet quietly maintained. Natural ventilation can only aid us so much, so a consistent and robust mechanical ventilation system is crucial to keep hospitals safe for all patients and staff.
Our ventilation mechanics are fully compliant with all Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) duct-cleaning guidelines, and cleaning processes are fully audited with photographic evidence and documentation. Once we have finished our work, you will be issued with a Post-Clean report that documents the site and specified recommendations. With our professionally trained team, you can be assured that you will receive only the finest and most precise hospital vent cleaning and maintenance.



Airways Canopy & Duct Cleaning Services offers services to kitchens, schools, hospitals, and pharmaceutical plants no matter what services are required. Since the beginning of Covid-19 restrictions, we have been fully aware of the necessity of competent ventilation, especially in schools and hospitals. In combination with adequate cleaning, best practices and proper equipment, we aim to do everything to help stop the airborne spread of Covid-19.

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