School Ventilation Cleaning

School ventilation cleaning is essential to make sure that fresh, clean air is being produced and circulated throughout the school building. At Airways Canopy & Duct Cleaning Services, we know that every school requires fresh air to produce a healthy environment for the students and the staff.

The build-up of dust and debris in the ductwork of a school can lead to the spread of bacteria and illnesses, much like unclean work surfaces. Ventilation systems must be kept clean and maintained on a regular basis to avoid any spread of bacteria through the air.

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The Process of School Ventilation Cleaning

Since schools are used almost every single day for an entire year, it is suggested that the ventilation systems be cleaned at least every 2-3 years, or more frequently. This is to ensure that the ventilation system stays clean and circulates air that is comfortable and safe for all building occupants.

When you hire Airways Canopy & Duct Cleaning Services for school ventilation cleaning, we provide before and after digital photography so that you can see the results of our work. As well, on completion of each system clean, we provide certification as proof the system has been cleaned properly. Working within the Health and Safety guidelines of Ireland & the UK, a certification and comprehensive report are a condition of cover for most insurance companies.

At Airways Canopy & Duct Cleaning Services, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide an excellent school ventilation cleaning service that will help you maintain high standards of hygiene compliant with legislation.

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FAQ About School Ventilation Cleaning

  • What is school ventilation cleaning?

    School ventilation cleaning done by Airways Canopy & Duct Cleaning Services involves removing dust, dirt and other contaminants from the ventilation system of the school. When debris and dirt is allowed to build up, not only will the air that is being circulated be unclean, but it also stops your ventilation system from running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  • Where do you offer your school ventilation cleaning services?

    We work across all of Ireland and throughout the UK.

  • How long does a cleaning take?

    The length of time a school ventilation cleaning takes will depend on the work that is required, the condition of the ventilation system, and how large the system is. Please contact our expert team at Airways Canopy & Duct Cleaning Services today for a free quote and time estimate.