Air Ventilation System Cleaning

Why Clean Air Ventilation Systems?

Everyone working in offices, shops, factories, hospitals, schools, laboratories, etc. requires a minimum standard of fresh air to produce a healthy working environment. One way that this can be provided is by effective general ventilation.

Dust and debris found in unclean ductwork, together with temperature and humidity levels, have been linked to the growth and spread of MRSA and other microorganisms in hospitals. It is similar to how flu and other common cold infections spread through poorly maintained and unclean workplace systems. These systems must be kept clean and maintained on a regular basis.

System Cleaning Requirements

In order to ensure that conditions for building occupants are comfortable and safe, there is a ‘duty of care’ requirement for owners and managers to ensure that ventilation systems are kept clean. Buildings normally require a clean every 2-3 years depending on usage and location although some may require more frequent cleaning such as:
☑ Heavily used buildings
☑ Buildings which generate greater quantities of dust (e.g. factories, clothing stores)
☑ Buildings which are exposed to greater quantities of pollution from outside (e.g. in city centres, next to motorways or next to industrial sites)
☑ Buildings which need cleaner than average air or where risk to occupants is higher (e.g. computer data centres, hospitals, nursing homes)

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The Process

On completion of a system clean, we'll provide certification as proof of the service being completed, all works carried out including evidential before and after digital photography. Certification and a comprehensive report are a Condition of Cover for most insurance companies and show compliance with Health & Safety at work guidelines in Ireland & UK.

We have the knowledge, equipment and capacity to provide an excellent service, helping you to maintain high standards of hygiene that comply with legislation.

For more information on our Air Ventilation System Cleaning service please read our Frequently Asked Questions.