Pharmaceutical Ventilation

Airways Canopy & Duct Cleaning Services are one of Ireland’s most established and respected installers of Pharmaceutical Ventilation systems. Our expertise extends to properly maintaining and cleaning Pharmaceutical Ventilation equipment and systems. No matter the type of pharmaceutical work in a building, from mass production of pills to lab work to liquid production, clean filtered air is necessary. We have installed and maintained pharmaceutical standard ventilation systems in this growing industry in Ireland for decades.

Contact our offices today to discuss pharmaceutical ventilation system installation, maintenance, and cleaning.

Advantages of our Pharmaceutical Ventilation Installation and Maintenace Services

  • Experience We are one of Ireland's most established ventilation system installers. Our experience extends to all pharmaceutical businesses, including labs and manufacturing plants. 

  • Expertise We have developed expertise in Pharmaceutical Ventilation installation.   Expertise that extends to all sized properties. We can even advise you on the right system for your industry's requirements. 

  • Professionalism During a full-scale installation or a maintenance project, you should expect nothing less than the utmost professionalism from Airways. We pride ourselves on our customer service and project management skills. 

Pharmaceutical Ventilation FAQ

  • How do I schedule a Pharmaceutical Ventilation consultation?

    Contact our offices today, and we will organise a site visit and a ventilation installation consultation.

  • How do I schedule a ventilation system cleaning?

    Please call our offices directly with some introductory notes on your requirements. We can then organise a cleaning time that suits your production schedule.