Filter Laundry Service

Kitchen Filters require cleaning at regular intervals in order for them to remain effective and traditionally are very difficult for most kitchen staff to clean in house to an acceptable standard.

Dirty grease laden filters restrict air flow and can pose a serious fire hazard. Professional and regular cleaning can remove or at the very least reduce this risk.

There are other benefits associated with a regular grease filter laundry service;
☑ You maintain extract ventilation hygiene.
☑ Regular maintenance can extend the life of filters.
☑ Cleaning improves the efficiency of your kitchen ventilation.
☑ Planned, scheduled cleaning reduces long-term maintenance costs.
☑ Minimal disruption compared to a major maintenance issue.
☑ Provides a regular inspection to check for damaged filters.

Our Grease Filter Cleaning Service

We take the filters away and professionally clean and exchange your soiled filters for a clean set every month for an agreed period.

We carry out an inspection at each service and will advise on wear and tear. If damaged we can provide a replacement service at an extremely competitive rate. With our service we recommend a secondary set of filters so that the sets can be rotated; this means minimal disruption to the kitchen’s operation – the clean set replaces the soiled filters, and the kitchen can continue working.

Airways Canopy & Duct Cleaning Services offers a quality, affordable filter laundry service. Call us for a quote.

Features of our Service Include

☑ A tailored, professional service to meet your particular needs.
☑ Service visits to suit you.
☑ Minimal disruption to the working environment.
☑ Trained operatives proficient in all aspects of filter removal, cleaning, inspection and fitting – including difficult access filters.
For your own site specific quotation call us today. Terms & conditions apply so please ask for details.

Reasons why filters should not be cleaned in-house

☑ The process required for regular deep cleaning of kitchen grease filters is often beyond the scope and capacity of those that work in kitchen environments because;
☑ Removing filters from grease filter housings may require staff to be working above a safe height – and kitchen equipment may be damaged if stood on to reach the canopy.
☑ Incorrectly fitted filters lead to ductwork contamination which can lead to higher cleaning costs and greater exposure to fire risk.
☑ Untrained staff risk injury if they use the caustic chemicals and/ or decarbonising hot water required for effective filter cleaning; or they are unaware of the correct cleaning procedure.
☑ Inadvertent use or incorrect chemical application may lead to personal injury or damage to property.

Your Insurance May Not Cover This Activity

We have the knowledge, equipment and capacity to do this on your behalf, helping you to maintain high kitchen hygiene standards and comply with legislation.

Airways Canopy & Duct Cleaning Services offers a quality, affordable filter laundry service. Call us for a quote.